Friday, January 24, 2014

Update: The Source of the Mysterious Booms In Region

Heard from a source today who told me, indeed, the source of the mysterious booms was people, in different areas, shooting Tannerite (95% Amonium Nitrate) with high powered rifles with high velocity bullets.  How did he know? The guys doing it, told him.  Friends of his who he believes.  As you can imagine, they don't want anyone knowing what they were doing.  Is this the definitive answer? Of course not, BUT it's a possibility I mentioned on my original blog about the booms on Sunday morning.  It would explain why the booms were heard in several areas, and also why some heard them and some didn't.  It would also explain why there were no records of any seismic activity.

Tannerite is perfectly legal.  Here's what it can do, and does.  Here's how they mix it.

Speaking of firearms, this is the last week of duck and goose hunting. We'll see if that means a decline in some of the " booms", too!

We've seen post from several concerned that "booms" were heard prior to the New Madrid Earthquakes prior to the big ones in 1811-1812 and that's true.  However, there were mysterious booms heard in the years prior and the 200 years since with NO earthquakes.  Go figure.

There's been so seismic activity recorded.

Maybe it could also been some sonic booms from increased high velocity military aircraft in the region.  Who knows?

We'll keep looking for a definitive answer!

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Kathy Stephens Wilson said...

There was a couple of very loud booms that occurred In Hickman County and were heard for miles and miles even into Graves County at my house a month or so ago. I was told that it was because someone was dynamiting beaver dams on farm land. Since dynamite is highly regulated I would assume that this procedure would have had to be done by authorized persons/agency and that they may even be doing more beaver dam demolitions in other parts of West KY. Just another possibility to explain the booms.