Sunday, January 19, 2014

What Were Those Loud Booms In The Area?

So what were those loud booming noises heard in the region Saturday night and again on Sunday morning according to some?  Were they sonic booms? Were they commemorative cannons which were fired off near Reidland last night?  Were they so called "ice quakes"? Were they meteorites? For the record, at my house near Fulton, KY, all I heard were dogs barking, which is every night. All night...

Well I don't think they were ice quakes because the sub soil temperatures have not been that cold.  Ice quakes are usually confined to much more northern areas, with colder conditions.

Meteorites? That's possible, but we haven't seen reports of anyone seeing any, which usually precedes their breaking up or exploding.

Cannons? That's very possible, at least for the booms heard in that immediate area.

Sonic booms? With what I've seen, that appears to be the most likely culprit, but that doesn't mean that's what it was.

Some think it may have been locals doing target practive with tannerite, but the booms seemed more widespread.

At any rate, it's hardly a rare occurrence. Just google unexplained loud boom and there are hundreds of stories about them, going back years, all over the nation and Canada. There are even some from our extended region.  You'll notice in the comments below one reader said he remembered hearing similar booms years ago and it turned out to be a company setting off charges while searching for oil or minerals.  I think I remember that as well.

Others think the "booms" are a precurser to a large earthquake, and point out there were reports of loud booming noises prior to the 1811-1812 New Madrid Earthquakes, which began with a major quake estimated with a magnitude of more than 8 on the Richter Scale.  Here's what the USGS says about booming noises and earthquakes.  It says many times the noises come from sonic booms or other explainable sources, but apparently sometimes they can come from small, shallow earthquakes, too small to be recorded, when the "P-wave" arrives.  Checking the USGS website though, we haven't had any earthquakes of even a 2 or 3 magnitude.

For those into conspiracy theories, there's even an article accusing the US Geographic Survey folks of "hiding" this fact from us  (which is not true.  I included the link to their site above). It even includes a video with numerous news reports of loud booms being heard in areas, and claims they are a precurser to "the big one."  The only problem is the video was posted a year ago, and the reports are from much earlier than that.  Years.  Seems if this was the case, the big one would have already hit.  Here's the video if you'd like to watch it.

In the meantime, we'll keep trying to track down the source. If it IS the big one. I hope it holds off until after the games are over.


kyeagle3 said...

I've heard the BOOMS the last couple of nights. And I've got a theory from a past experience.

The last time I hear booms similar to them was several years ago, when someone was setting off charges to do an "off the books" geological study. And it too was done under the cover of darkness.

A short time after that, a couple of men stopped by saying they could make me wealthy. All I needed to do was sign a contract giving access to property near or adjacent to mine so they could drill an oil well. I flat out refused. I told him I did not want a stinking oil well ruining my quiet neighborhood.

They then went next door to my neighbor, laughing and telling him that I had made a big mistake! They then proceeded to offer him the same deal. And my neighbor gave them the same answer.

So we heard no more about drilling oil wells in my back yard in Possum Trot.

And now the booms are starting again. Maybe someone is wanting to start drilling or fracking in our area. Night-time testing avoids permits and knowledgeable speculation and action by local property owners.

I may be wrong... but the booms and their timing are very similar.

Lew Jetton said...

That seems to ring a bell with me too from years ago! Actually makes more sense than anything else I can think of. Could be.