Monday, March 17, 2014

The Blazin' Wings Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings

So Thursday and Friday, I'll probably have lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings while enjoying the NCAA Tournament.  Kind of a tradition.  THIS year, I found out, they now have the "Blazin' Wings Challenge!"  Blazin' is their hottest sauce.  It's VERY hot. I have it every so often when I'm at Buffalo Wild Wings!  I'm thinking, I should do THIS! I can handle Blazin'. Have many times.  Here are the rules:

  1. The Blazin’ Challenge consists of eating 12 Blazin’ wings in 6 minutes or less.
  2. Participants must be timed by a Buffalo Wild Wings employee.
  3. All chicken wing meat must be removed by participant from the bone with the mouth only.
  4. All wing meat must be off the bone and into the mouth at the times-up signal. All wing meat that goes into the mouth must be swallowed
  5. Anyone who vomits during the course of the event is automatically disqualified.
  6. No drinks of any kind can be consumed while participating in the Blazin’ Challenge
  7. Participant cannot use: celery, Bleu Cheese or Ranch Dressing during the Blazin’ Challenge
  8. Once the Blazin’ Challenge is successfully completed, Participant must agree to have his or her photo taken and give permission to display on the Blazin’ Wall.
  9. Upon the successful completion of the Blazin’ Challenge Participant acknowledges that an “I survived the Blazin’ Challenge” t-shirt is available for purchase by participant.
SO I'm reading the rules and it's OK, UNTIL I get to the last one.  "I survived the Blazin' Wings Challenge t-shirt is available for purchase by participant.  WHAT? IF I BUY the wings, IF I eat the wings in 6 minutes. You'll ALLOW me to BUY the t-shirt, which prolly cost them $2? I dunno man. Seems like they'd get ALOT more participation is they GAVE you the cheap t-shirt. 

The phrase is "Been there, done that, got the t-shirt to prove it!" NOT "Been there, done that, BOUGHT the t-shirt to prove it"  COME ON MAN, BWW! 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Police Brutality or Police Hindrance?

A man took this video while police were making arrests in Baltimore, MD. Police then came at him. As a result he was NOT arrested or charged with a crime. What do you think?

Baltimore County cops doing their thing at the Towson bars. from Gootz on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nashville Hot Chicken Recipe

Like a lot of folks, every time I got to Nashville, I make it a point to stop by Prince's Hot Chicken and pick up a sack of their famous hot fried chicken to bring home!  I always wanted to know how to make it at home since I can't drive to Nashville every week to get some!

I had read on the internet that some who claim to know how to make it, said the ingredients were simple and it was easy....but they weren't talking!

I tried infusing the breading of the chicken with cayenne, black and white pepper, and although it heated the chicken up, it wasn't quite the same.

Then I read where the "heat" actually came from a "pepper paste," and THAT turned out to be the secret!  The first time I tried it....yep....that's it.  Sooooo, here's my recipe for Nashville style Hot Chicken.

First of all, you prepare the fried chicken, as you normally would.  That means soaking it overnight in buttermilk, then breading it with flour and frying it as usual.

The secret is the pepper paste.  Here's the recipe I use for it:  Equal parts lard, and cayenne pepper, along with 1/3 part salt, and a very small amount of minced or powdered garlic.

I heat this for a few seconds in the microwave to melt the lard, and then stir it together to form a thick paste.

When the chicken comes out of the frying pan, the paste is applied by brushing it on, or by spooning it on and rubbed in by hand (with gloves on...).

The amount of heat for the chicken can be altered by simply putting more on, or by using more pepper and less lard for the paste.

To complete the dish, serve on a piece of white bread, with pickles stuck into the chicken with a toothpick!

And there you have it!  Yum Yum!!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Best Way To Bust A Forecast

If you forecast weather for any length of time, you're going to miss some forecasts.  We call it a "bust." It happens. If you do it long enough though, you'll soon learn the BEST practice in limiting the damage from a busted forecast.

Case in point, Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL last night and today.  Last I heard, some were STILL stuck in traffic!  How did this happen?  Well for one thing, local TV meteorologists were calling for a "dusting" of snow and they wound up with up to 3 inches.  Sadly, at least one news story called it a "misleading forecast," which is really unfair. The LAST thing reputable meteorologists are trying to do is mislead the public.

In the case of Atlanta and Birmingham, even though these mets are among the best in the nation, they really don't get the chance to forecast snow very often.  The drivers in those cities don't get a lot of practice on how to drive on it.  Street and road departments don't have the equipment to treat it and handle it like those further north.

To be fair, some really good mets whiffed on this one, including one of the best meteorologists in the nation, James Spann.  To his credit, he manned up and took responsibility.  It happens to the best sometimes.

My approach in my 30 plus years of forecasting takes on a little bit of "handicapping." I try to determine what is going to happen, but weigh in the possible ramifications in case of a miss.  This is especially true with snow which is VERY HARD to precisely forecast with amounts, timing, etc.

If you forecast a large amount of snow and we wind up getting just a little or none, people are disappointed and they might point a finger at you, but most of the time, they were prepared for the worst and took precautions.

If you forecast little or none, and you wind up getting several inches, you wind up with a situation like they had in Atlanta and Birmingham, where people were UNPREPARED: traffic jams, wrecks, children stuck at school, etc.  MAJOR PROBLEMS and HARDSHIP for people.

That's why I've always tried to "widen the goal posts" and forecast snow to allow for the upper end of what "could" happen, so that people can take that into consideration and be prepared.  If the data indicates we'll get 2 inches.  I might forecast 1/2" to 4" to allow for banding, bursts and other things which could throw off what the data indicates.  Snow is NOT a precise thing at all.  The more precise one tries to be with a snow forecast, the more likely one is to appear wrong.

I remember a couple of years ago, a younger meteorologist contacted me and and was down on himself for missing a snow forecast.  What had happened was a disturbance caused a "burst" of snow over part of the region and they wound up with 4 or 5 inches instead of the one inch he thought we would get. I passed along my philosophy to him and also told him, "Hey it happens sometimes, to the BEST of us." In that case, EVERYBODY, not just him, missed low.

My advice to meteorologists in forecasting snow is do your best to determine what's going to happen, but also do your best to determine the consequences of what could happen if conditions shift and factor that into how you communicate the forecast to the public.  That way, they might not be caught off guard as much!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Booms Today? It was a Small Earthquake.

Well, we know what caused THESE booms we heard today!  We had a 2.4 magnitude earthquake recorded between Kevil and Paducah, KY at 6:35 PM.

This doesn't explain he mysterious booms in the past few weeks but it sure could this one!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

About Playing The Bars....

Had a great show last night at Mr J's Bar and Grill in Murray, KY last night.  Great crowd, great food, lot's of fun!  I even did something I've NEVER done before.  I played the entire 3 hour plus show without taking a break.  Whew.  I don't know how Springsteen does it...

I don't play as many bars as I used to.  I don't think anyone does!  Part of the reason behind that is there just aren't as many bars anymore, and even less that feature live music, but thank goodness some still do!

A few things I've noticed about the patrons in bars these days, as it relates to live bands.

1. If the crowd hanging out there is older than 35, they tip better.  Much better.  They tips the bands, they tip the waitresses and bartenders.  Maybe that's because young folks haven't picked up on the habit of tipping. Maybe that's because younger people just don't have as much money.  I even had a 20-something guy tell me once while heading out the door, "Sorry, but I spent all my money on booze!"  The older crowd also tends to do less binge drinking but then again there are always exceptions.

2. Older patrons tend to be quieter and pay more attention to the bands than younger ones. With the younger crowd, many times, it's more about socializing and less about being entertained.  A fellow musician friend of mine who frequently tours Europe says the bar scene there is totally different.  The crowd, both young and old, are usually really into the music and listen intently.

3. Alcohol seems to amplify who people really are.  Sweet people tend to get sweeter.  Mean people tend to get meaner.  As for me?  I don't drink at all while I'm playing.  I want to make sure I give the folks the best show I can, and I can't do that unless I'm sober.  I'm STILL having fun though! Rest assured!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Update: The Source of the Mysterious Booms In Region

Heard from a source today who told me, indeed, the source of the mysterious booms was people, in different areas, shooting Tannerite (95% Amonium Nitrate) with high powered rifles with high velocity bullets.  How did he know? The guys doing it, told him.  Friends of his who he believes.  As you can imagine, they don't want anyone knowing what they were doing.  Is this the definitive answer? Of course not, BUT it's a possibility I mentioned on my original blog about the booms on Sunday morning.  It would explain why the booms were heard in several areas, and also why some heard them and some didn't.  It would also explain why there were no records of any seismic activity.

Tannerite is perfectly legal.  Here's what it can do, and does.  Here's how they mix it.

Speaking of firearms, this is the last week of duck and goose hunting. We'll see if that means a decline in some of the " booms", too!

We've seen post from several concerned that "booms" were heard prior to the New Madrid Earthquakes prior to the big ones in 1811-1812 and that's true.  However, there were mysterious booms heard in the years prior and the 200 years since with NO earthquakes.  Go figure.

There's been so seismic activity recorded.

Maybe it could also been some sonic booms from increased high velocity military aircraft in the region.  Who knows?

We'll keep looking for a definitive answer!