Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So Long Mr. "Shop & Swap"

I found out the other day about the death of Bill Carter (Here's the Story), longtime DJ at WIRJ-AM in Humboldt, TN. He did the "Swap and Shop" show on WIRJ since 1949, EXCEPT for a few months, when it was hosted by ME, while Bill was in the hospital and recovering from an illness. The months I did the show, I realized how tough it was to keep the show moving and keep the information straight. I also realized how it was "tailor-made" for Bill. Nobody could do it like him!

He was indeed a character, He was indeed a local legend. He really was a kind person. I started at WIRJ right out of college in 1982 and Bill took me under his wing and showed me the ropes. I wasn't very good, but Bill was always encouraging and helpful. He was a bit quirky, that's for sure, but he had a heart of gold and I'll never forget him.

I called in and spoke with Bill a few years ago. As always, he had a smile in his voice and was thrilled to hear from one of the WIRJ Alums! The radio board in the picture above looks just like the one we used 26 years ago. I guarantee it is. I wonder if the show will continue without Bill. I wonder how it can.

RIP Bill "Swap and Shop" Carter. We'll miss you.

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