Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Mind Is Racing...

Sunday was the 50th running of "The Great American Race", The Daytona 500. I've enjoyed NASCAR for years and used to make the trek to Talladega each year, however I must admit my love for NASCAR lost a little something with the death of Dale Earnhardt a few years ago. Nonetheless, the Daytona 500 is one of the races I watch every year. This year was no exception. Off the top of my head, I:

Loved the old race cars making their way around the track on this 50th anniversary.....especially those Superbirds. I always thought they were the coolest cars ever!

Wondered what all the fans are going to do with their #8 Dale Earnhardt, Jr tattoos. I guess they could add another 8, but it would be off-center. I guess that's why Mama said never get a tattoo, unless it was Mom or Jesus. Those 2 are forever.

Caught lipsynching: Chubby Checker (but he looked great for his age!)

Wondered why Ford doesn't run Crown Victorias. If the Fusions are faster, how come the cops aren't driving them? Can the 2008 NASCAR Fusions take voice commands like the "stock" ones?

Assumed the Toyotas would last longer, get better gas mileage and have higher resale value than the other race cars.

Wondered why On-Star doesn't sponsor the in car communications.

Found myself missing Dale, Sr running round that track.

Wondered if Ashley Judd thought her husband was less sexy since he left the regal European Formula One circuit for the popular but less regal NASCAR circuit.

Thought the "car of the future" performed wonderfully! It allowed drivers to recover from taps, etc that in the past would have sent them spinning into the wall and causing those "chain reaction" super speedway wipe outs.

Wondered if some "fans" were sad there weren't more crashes.

Wondered what ever happened to Dick Trickle?

Took off my hat to Ryan Newman. Even though I really like Dale, Jr , I thought it was great for a team besides Hendrick Motorsports to win. Maybe this season will lend itself to more competition than the last several. Let's go racin'!!!

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