Friday, June 27, 2008

Foreign Affairs????

Swimsuit model turned rising star reporter Lara Logan has proudly been named Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent for CBS. If you believe several other reports, she definitely knows a lot about foreign affairs.....especially the affairs part. Published reports have her accused of breaking up a marriage and standing by as TWO of her lovers have a fistfight over her. Then there's also the report that her exclusive face to face interview with a terrorist never happened, at least not in the way CBS originally claimed, and that's not the only accusation of stretching the truth.

You have to believe, this could help both CBS News and CBS' Soap Opera lineup, both of which could use a boost! If you believe stories like the Enterprise Report has put out, she stretches the truth, like she stretches her swimsuit....

All of this underscores what a loss it was for ALL of us to lose Tim Russert. He may not have looked good in a swimsuit (sorry about the visual), but we could trust him. He knew we trusted him. He knew we relied upon him. He took that responsibility VERY seriously. He was "old school," but even in this "new school" world, we know "old school" may be a bit duller, but it's truthful, and truthful is what we turn to, when we need the truth. Russert did not embellish and he did not stretch the truth. He simply told it.

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hulagirlatheart said...

I miss Tim terribly. In fact, I already feel a little lost in this election since his death.