Friday, November 21, 2008

Heavy Weather & Hard Times

Like so many other businesses, the broadcasting industry is bracing for layoffs. For some, it's been happening in waves for the past couple of years, but many believe, especially after Christmas, it will become even more widespread.

It's already begun in some corners. NBC Universal, the new owner of The Weather Channel, during "Green Week," chose to axe the entire environmental unit of the The Weather Channel, along with 3 popular on-air meteorologists.

At The Weather Channel, the article says on-air meteorologists Dave Schwartz, Cheryl Lemke and Eboni Deon are gone. I actually was a Mississippi State classmate of Dave Schwartz when I finished up my meteorology education. I found him to be a nice person, in person. Maybe a bit syrupy on the air for my taste, but that was his personality, and many really like him. He was really into learning about my local region, especially the "Little Egypt" part of Southern Illinois. I hope he lands on his feet. Likewise, I always liked Cheryl Lemke, although I never met her. Forecast Earth was hosted by Natalie Allen, a Memphis native, who left KFSM in Ft. Smith, AR shortly before I was offered a job there......but that's another story!

I think we'll see many more layoffs in broadcasting, along with other industries in the coming months. In broadcasting, the annual dry spell for revenue follows the elections, which are ripe with political advertising, and the Christmas advertising, which end around the holidays. That's when the axes will fall at many stations, especially for those making the higher salaries (I never fell into that catagory....LOL). At any rate, it looks like it could be a "hard candy" Christmas for many of us, including your local television celebrities. Stay Tuned.

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Emily said...

We let 14 people go last month. I now do the job of about five people. I'm thankful that I had the skills to keep my job, but I know that I don't do those five jobs nearly as well as the people who were let go.