Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One Liners on a Wednesday

Lunch at Broussard's today in Cape Girardeau and it was awesome and I'd love to play there someday.

I think Dickie Nutt will do a great job at SEMO and it's great to have a Nutt back in the area.

I still watch American Idol and I hope Lil Rounds wins.

I think Billy Gillespie is realizing he's not at Texas A&M anymore because at A&M his success was measured on how many games he won while at Kentucky it's measured on how few you lose.

I think the Memphis-Missouri sweet sixteen game is gonna be fun to watch.

I think Jay Cutler's 2 greatest weapons are his arm, which works for him and his brain, which works against him.

I think Kentucky's raising it's tax on cigarettes is sadly, another tax on the poor.

I think Layne Kiffin needs to win big early at Tennessee to back up his mouth.

I think Union's winning the NAIA Nat'l Women's championship is great, although I miss coaches Dr. David Blackstock and Lisa Caudill-Hutchens.

I'm amazed at my dad and his recovery and can't wait to go crappie fishing with him.

I'm saddened PATS didn't get the AQS Show and pray everything goes smoothly.

I love Elixir strings although I wish they didn't cost so much.

I wish Paul Reed Smith would endorese me cause I'd love to proudly play one of their guitars.

I still love it when people e-mail me for my forecast and take on upcoming weather events.

I gotta work out more and more and more and I guess that's getting older.

My brain is creating so much energy, it's killing my hair folicles and that's tragic, especially when it's cold.

I'm glad the Titans didn't try to get Terrell Owens, but I wouldn't mind Tory Holt.


Rink's Ramblings said...

At least you've got some hair left!

Lew Jetton said...

NOT MUCH! I gotta quit workin' my brain so hard!