Sunday, September 19, 2010

Typical Weekend!

Like a lot of other people these days, I work 2 jobs, or is it three? Typical weekend!

4:30 AM- up to work on forecast for News Talk Radio
7:45 AM- at work for on-air hits

8 AM-5PM-marketing consultations
6 PM- load into club for show
9 PM- 1 AM (Saturday)-Play the blues!

1-2AM-load out
3:15 AM- stop at Wal Mart for Dog food
3:30 AM- home!

5AM- After working & being up for over 24 hours.... SLEEP!!!
10AM- Up to work on guitars to repair the damage I did the night before
11AM-3 PM- watch football!
3:30PM-6PM- drive to festival for show

6:30 PM- load in
7-10:20 PM- Play the Blues! Meet & greet!
10:45-1AM (Sunday)-drive home!

2 AM- Sleep! Got home early tonight!
*Then recuperate and get ready to do it again!

Ahhh showbiz! Funny thing is, I'm not that tired! I must love it!

1 comment:

Bluegrass Publishing said...

you do love it... that is what makes you an even greater entertainer. we love ya... can't wait to do what we talked about with you. maybe now there will be a window of time while you're off on vacation. LOL :) Stay groovy. Love the blog!