Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New CD In The Works

Although we're really excited our CD, Rain is STILL on the charts, a new CD is already in the works. I'm putting the finishing touches on the songs and recording demos, in preparation to head back to the studio. The next CD will be a departure from previous albums in several ways.  First of all it will be very stripped down and stark. Secondly, it will be very dark, as the songs, for the most part will deal with tribulations over the past 10 years, since the second CD, which myself or those close to me have gone through over that time, as well as the struggles between the holy and the profane in dealing with some of these adversities.  There won't be any silly songs, or much happiness, for a change, but I have to say, it was very cleansing for me, going through the process of writing these songs....  Stay tuned.....

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