Wednesday, March 19, 2008

American Idol-The Moment of Truth

On the American Idol results show, 2 of the 3 "retreads" found themselves in the bottom 3: Carly Smithson and Kristy Lee Cook. I have to admit, I was surprised Carly was in the bottom 3 and I'm not sure what to chalk it up to. Could it be a backlash against one of the foreigners left on the show (the other is Michael Johns, the "retread" and Australian whose real name is Michael Lee. who made the top 10)? Could it be everyone thought she was a shoo in so they didn't bother voting? Who knows!

In the end, I kinda hated to see Amanda go. I was surprised too. I thought she had carved enough of a niche for herself to set herself apart from the rest, but alas her streak on American Idol ends, even as the streaks in her hair remain. So we're left with 3 of the original 4 "retreads."

It was great to see the performance by one of my favorites from the past Idols, Kelly Pickler. She's turned into a great performer, and you can just tell, she's still "a real hoot" to hang out with! She cracks me up!

Prior to the show, I had to sit through another thoroughly boring "The Moment of Truth." Note to the producers: Speed this show up or take it off the air! This thing is like watching paint dry, and it almost seems like the contestants are over-coached, and getting sleazier and sleazier. (Of course, if the contestants were as boring as me, it wouldn't be much of a show!) In case you don't know, the polygraph is administered way in advance of the actual taping, and also, in case you don't know, polygraphs are so unreliable, we still don't know if the contestants are lying or not.

PS: Get well soon, Candye!

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