Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sometimes, I seek out old friends...

As we get older, we value our old friends even more. Some of them are personal friends. Some of them are our "friends" with whom we grew up. As the rain beat down this day, I went looking for some old friends to see what they were up to or to remember how much I loved them. Some of them, you might find surprising.

One of them was a Memphis based band which I grew up on, Big Star. I remember the music. I remember the time. Heck, I remember shopping at the grocery chain for which they're named.

I also remember the other bands I used to go see back in my youth in West Tennessee: Target (with Jimi Jamison), The Windows, Rasin' Kane, Head East, Snowblind, TR Crooks and more.

There's been a lot of "girl groups" through the years, but first was The Runaways. One of the greatest concerts I "never saw" was The Runaways opening for The Ramones. (it was canceled due to poor ticket sales....oh my) Back in the day, I couldn't choose between Joan, Lita and Cherie. Know what? I still can't!

Back in the 70s I would have given anything to sing like Al Green. I still would. I'll never forget John Kilzer telling me how he learned to play guitar by trading his complimentary Memphis State basketball tickets to Teenie Hodges, Al Green's guitar player and Memphis songwriter, for guitar lessons. Man!!! I'm STILL jealous....even to this day!

There were SO many great ones that came from within a stones throw of me, and I marvel at them, like Bobby Whitlock, from Lake County, TN. (not to mention...but also a regular on the old Johnny Cash show was an up and coming musician/comedian named Steve Martin)

Of course, when I think of Lake County, I think of one of the biggest influences on me musically and in so many ways: Carl Perkins. I'll always treasure the times I coaxed him into telling me stories about the old days, and how to live life these days.

That was back when Clapton and I had more hair.....he still has more than me. I'll never forget Carl telling me how Dave Edmonds "corrected" him on some of his own songs! He said he was taken aback for minute, but then realized Edmonds was RIGHT. Carl said he had strayed from the original way he played some of his old songs over the years, but that Edmonds was such a devotee, he knew the original versions note for note, and "that boy knew what he was talking about!" By the way, if you want a real treat, watch the Youtube clips from the old Johnny Cash Show. You'll be shocked at just the kind of talent that appeared on that show! It was awesome...from Joni Mitchell to ??? In the meantime, Carl was so cool! I miss him so much!

Such a cool clip...cause it includes 3 of my favorites: Carl, Setzer and Edmonds....

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