Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Duh Beatules...& more Madness

American Idol took on the Beatles tonight. As I've stated before, I'm more of a Stones guy than a Beatles guy, cause I'm more of a Rocker than a Popper. Nevertheless, here's my impressions:

Syesha: Not bad, but not outstanding. Very workmanlike. (workwomanlike?)

Chikezie: Brilliant arrangement and I thought he did a great job of delivering! BEST performance of the night.

Ramiele: I like this girl, but this performance was kinda "ho hum." As Simon said, "You're better than that. Kinda like when my arthritic Lab, Mazie tries to chase my car, Bless her heart......she tries so hard....but she can't keep up.

Jason: He's better than that too, but ho hum, a step down from the week before when he did a great job with a Jeff Buckley arrangement.

Carly (retread): Not bad, BUT...... she's a good enough singer. I'd love her more if she could flex her bicep and make the tattoo face on her arm sing, but keep in mind, that I have high expectations, and high standards. Maybe she's saving the "singing tattoo" til the finals. If she pulls it off...I'll be in awe....and heaven forbid....dialing in.

David Cook: The "Critter Club Vet" (Elks, Eagles Moose Lodge, etc) from Missouri did fine. Not the best, but not the worst. I have yet to buy into his "brilliance" which Paula, Simon, etc have heralded, but hey, he deserves to hang around another week..

Brooke: Not overwhelming, but I thought she did an above average job! Is she as genuine as she seems?

David Hernandez ( The former male lap dancer....not that there's anything wrong with that): I think he's got some talent, but I think he topped out talent-wise. WORST performance of the night. He was ripped by Randy and when you get ripped by a guy who used to play with Journey when they were on the decline...you're in big trouble. When Paula was down on it....oh my....you know that you really screwed up.

Amanda (the Harley-riding, oxygen-selling nurse from Indiana): I actually think this girl could be really good when she matures.....but she hasn't yet. She's in danger of being labeled a "poser." Randy says she has a "southern bar" thing going......but me southern-self thinks in a southern bar....she might get her butt whipped (you gotta learn how to dodge the flying bottles).

Michael Johns (Australian retread): Poser....Yawn. Paula thought it was brilliant. More proof that drugs are not answer.

Kristy (retread): I don't know if it totally worked, but it wasn't a total flop either. Paula didn't get it. Simon thought it was horrendous. I didn't think it was that bad. I didn't think it was that good. I thought it was very courageous, but very average.

David Archuleta: I don't like "child prodigies, but this kid is good. He forgot the lyrics a couple of times and the arrangement was so "Vegas lounge." Things that make you go Hmmmm. It was his WORST performance, although he should skate through to the next week.

Based on this week:
Who needs to GO: Syesha and/or David Hernandez
Who needs to STAY: Chikezie & Brooke

* They need a Stones night....

My alma mater, the largest college by enrollment in Tennessee, Middle Tennessee State (surprised?), FAILED to get into the NCAA tournament by losing to Western KY in the Sunbelt Conference finals, but that's the breaks. Great game, and really reminded me of the "old days" when both battled in the Ohio Valley Conference. Still proud that the state of Tennessee gets FIVE in the NCAA tournament.

LOVE Bruce Pearl's orange jackets. Obviously an inspiration from the old Coach Ray Mears, whose acquaintance I treasured and still do. Do I think the Vols deserve a high seeding? YES! Do I worry their poor free throw shooting and streakiness might give them an early exit from the NCAA Tournament? YES!

On the other hand, could they get hot and wind up in the Final Four? YES! That's what makes March Madness so cool! In my dreams Tennessee and Memphis meet for the Nat'l Championship...but we have a ways to go. Let the Madness begin!

Blues Singer Prayer List:
Big Larry Allbritton (Williams), who has survived with pancreatic cancer longer than anyone I've ever heard of, has a new CD out, which is fantastic! I always thought a lot of Big Larry. These days, he's even more larger than life to me. He always had a smile and a word of encouragement for me. I always wished I had a fraction of his talent. I played a few gigs several years ago when he opened for me and he was so gracious. I couldn't believe it, since it was HE who was one of MY heroes.

Candye Kane: A slight acquaintance who's waiting to hear if her biopsy comes back pancreatic cancer, or another form of cancer. She doesn't deserve this. She's paid her dues. She deserves a break. I pray she gets one. Please God, give her a break. Such a fighter. Such an optomist. Such an inspiration. She's up for a Blues Music Award this year from the Blues Foundation. She got my vote.

Let's stick together.

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