Sunday, May 25, 2008

Good Art & Bad Golf

We played the Lowertown Art Festival over the weekend in Paducah, Kentucky. What a great time and a really unique festival, with artists from all over the country displaying their creations in Paducah's historic Lowertown Art District. They also have all kinds of music, from our style of Blues to Zydeco, Country, Parisian Style Jazz, and more, along with all kinds of great food. The art galleries in Lowertown all had open houses, too. I played the 335 straight into my Fender Twin.

In other Memorial Day weekend news, Bridget and I decided to play golf for the second time this year, as we teed it up in the Guys and Dolls Scramble at the Fulton Country Club. We had a nice time and the weather was great. Bridget battled through some bad joint inflammation, which we think is attributed to a switch in her blood pressure medication. She was determined to finish the tournament though, and we did.....dead last! (83-82). Bridget was responsible for all our (few) birdies. It was good to get out on the course though! Even when I play golf badly, I feel great about making it possible for other golfers, who aren't so good, to feel better about their own games. "At least we didn't score as badly as Lew!!!'

(Photo Courtesy Wm Gross Magee, Suzanne)

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