Monday, May 26, 2008

Old Rules-New Rules

To give credit where I THINK credit is due, I lifted this from Joe Larkins' blog (remember him from WBBJ and KFVS???). He originally credited it to the TV column in the Tampa newspaper. It's a funny little bit about the difference between TV News "back in the day," and TV News these days. I'll let the reader decide how much is humor, and how much is true...

Old rule: news is news. New rule: news is marketing.

Old rule: news is never old New rule: news has an expiration date

Old rule: live shots compliment the story New rule: live IS the story

Old rule: weather gets the attention it deserves New rule: rain is a lead story

Old rule: Cover the issues New rule: cover the emotions

Old rule: Staff experience is valuable New rule: 1 year is experience

Old rule: Cover breaking news New rule: make up breaking news

Old rule: Build credibility and you’ll gain a bigger audience New rule: Reach more people through the Internet

Old rule: Be good storytellers New rule: more stories, less telling

Old rule: Report the facts New rule: report what people say

Old rule: Follow the news director’s lead New rule: Who’s the news director?

Old rule: Consultants suggest New rule: Consultants control

Old rule: Ratings rule New rule: Demos dominate

Old rule: Know your community New rule: know your research

Old rule: Bad staff behavior is not tolerated New rule: address your questions to our attorneys


hulagirlatheart said...

Unfortunately, I think just about all of these are true today. The one that makes me most sad is the erosion of good storytelling. The complete reliance on consultants is just downright stupid.

Lew Jetton said...

I agree, although it should be said there are some exceptions, and still some news operations doing some good work. I just wish there were more!