Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sex "Storm Stories" on The Weather Channel

We first got wind of the brewing storm developing a couple of weeks ago, as former Weather Channel Meteorologist Hillary Andrews filed suit to release details of a sucessful sexual harassment claim against The Weather Channel. Now, a deluge of details are raining down, and it's not pretty.

Sexual harassment happens far too often in broadcasting, just like in other businesses. In the broadcasting biz, the mix of pretty, young women along with a few men with overblown egos can unfortunately lend itself to these situations. I know. I've seen it firsthand.

At one stop in my broadcasting career, I worked under one of these types. He was despised by almost everyone, but especially by female employees because of his crude comments, "come-ons" and leering. It was utterly disgusting. Unfortunately, legal action was never brought, but it's not like he wasn't punished at all. You see, the broadcasting community is a small one. Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody everywhere. Word gets around, and gets around fast. His career never advanced because none of the bigger markets wanted anything to do with him. Among themselves, just like on the air, bad news travels fast.

Now the spotlight is much brighter on the seemingly gentile and gentle Meteorologist Bob Stokes. His career is most likely over. Especially as far as the big stage is concerned. Word gets around even quicker when it hits "The Smoking Gun." At The Weather Channel? I guess if it could happen there, it could happen anywhere, and unfortunately, it does: Wherever the career advancement of one depends on the subjective whims of another. How sad.

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Leonard Riggs Jr said...

I saw this and was kind of stunned....It always puzzles me when people are so careless with their