Thursday, January 15, 2009

My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.

Mike Shain retires from KFVS. We're all poorer as viewers. I only met Mike a couple of times, but he was always so gracious, and on the air, he had few peers. I just hope the young ones at KFVS soaked up all the wisdom and experience they could from Mike. He could teach them a lot about how to be a good broadcast journalist, and also how to be a good person. I really enjoyed the special on KFVS where we heard from many of his past co-anchors at KFVS, including Amy Watson, Dianne Anderson, Randy Ray, Don McNeely and more. It brought back a lot of memories for me too. God Bless ya, Mike! You've been such a valuable resource for viewers in this area. I pray you stepped away on your own terms. So many others in this industry, and in this economy, have not.

It's fact below freezing. Thank goodness I heard on the news recently that when it gets really cold, we should try to stay warm.

A Carbondale, IL cop is arrested for robbing a bank. I already knew we don't pay law enforcement officers enough, but is the economy really THAT bad? I guess so.

I wonder if the new judge on American Idol is in place, just in case Paula goes off the deep end...again.

I guess a week long furlough is better than a lay-off, but for those who think newsapers are dying, there's now a website.

So many college football stars decided to stay in school and forego the NFL draft. Do they believe in the value of a college education, or are they that scared of possibly having to play for the Detroit Lions?

Sarah Palin is lashing out.

She makes a great point about the media quoting anonymous bloggers, but she fails to mention it works both ways, hurting candidates of both parties. I'm interested to see if Sarah will be back, or if she's simply the latest incarnation of Katherine Harris, used and then kicked to the curb by her own party. By the way, Katie Couric.....that name sounds vaguely familiar. Did she used to "be somebody"??

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