Monday, January 26, 2009

The Winter Storm of the Decade!

We're hunkering down for a possible major ice and snow storm in our region. Actually, I've been studying it on the computer models for a week and it doesn't look good. Our local National Weather Service office says it could be the "ice storm of the decade" for us. One of the local television stations says it could be the worst winter storm in the last 20 years. I think it certainly has the potential to be one of the worst ones we've seen in a long time, but I can't really put a figure on it, just yet. Those labels are best applied postmortem. Hard to imagine it could beat December of 2004 though.

For several days, we knew it didn't look good, and then tonight, an ominous figure of impending disaster showed up in town: Jim Cantore. The Weather Channel's mighty-mite-meteorologist set up shop in downtown Paducah to record our demise on live television. At least, if it gets too bad, he can run across the street to C.C. Cohen's, where I know Alan will set him up with a "Paducah Brown" sandwich and a little Kentucky "anti-freeze."

I actually met Cantore a few years back at a National Weather Association Conference in St. Louis as two of the "coolest" meteoroglogists met. He's a great met and a real hoot to hang out with. Nethertheless, I don't think he's in town to least mostly.

At home, Bridget has taken all the precautions to make sure we can get through a few days without power. That's a big fear with ice, and with this one, we could be looking at widespread and long term power outages, along with the obvious dangers on the roads. Obviously, that's a big concern for us at PATS. We'll see. It's times like these, I hope I'm wrong! Hunkerdown!!!


Rink's Ramblings said...

Lew, how can you ever forget the day I made you walk a mile into work after the big snow in 1994! You were frozen to the bone when you made it into work, and God bless for it!

Lew Jetton said...

How can I forget!!! That taught me a BIG lesson. In the Winter storm of 2004, where they had a hotel room for me to stay so I could come in and do the morning weather, but I told the news director I was going to stay at the station all night because I was also going to be doing the news in the morning, too. Guess what? I DID. The morning news anchor got snowed in. I think this one is worse! At least from a personal standpoint!