Sunday, February 15, 2009

Long Night, Long Day, Long Day

Friday night I played my first gig since November. It was a last minute deal, as a band had canceled at 45-Down-Under in Paducah and we stepped in as a last minute replacement. We needed to shake some rust off and play, plus I'm way behind on booking this year as I've been preoccupied with work, the ice storm and my father's difficult recovery. I was rusty for sure, but should round back into shape prior to the Lourdes Foundation Mardi Gras in Metropolis, IL February 24th. By the way, people have asked me over the years, "Why don't you quit your "day job" and play music full time?" Well, here's part of the answer!

After the long night, I got up and drove to Nashville to see Dad. He slept the entire time, but it was good to see him resting and he seemed more comfortable than I've seen ever since his ordeal began. That was good to see! He's making some progress, but its terribly slow. I just hope the progress continues. I hope he can soon began speaking and regain some strength. He's going to get some additional evaluation this week and then we should have a clear of picture of where we go from here.

After a short night of little rest, it was "up and at-em" to finish clearing the hundreds of limbs around my house (this picture does it no justice). My father-in-law came and brought two other guys and the four of us managed to finish the job by early afternoon, although it may be a while before we get to the limbs still stuck in the tops of trees, and even longer before my back quits hurting!

As a belated Valentine to my lovely wife, we did something we haven't done in ages: we went to a movie. We went to see "Taken." It was pretty good: lot's of action, not a whole lot of cussin', and lot's of killin' bad guys. We usually like to see comedies, but the only one playing nearby was "Paul Blart:Mall Cop.

A long night and 2 long days. Now it's back to work!

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