Sunday, February 1, 2009

Winter Storm Information

The hundreds of thousands of us without power in the wake of the ice storm in Western Kentucky have one thing in common as we head into Day 6 of no electricity: We crave information on how the repair effort is going and where we can find food, warmth and shelter.

In Fulton County, we've gotten good information from WCMT (1410 AM) in Martin as they've had frequent reports from Fulton County DES. Other outlets which are posting information as it comes in are:

West Kentucky Star

Has expanded it's coverage county by county with the latest information they have. According to WPSD, 95% of the city of Fulton has power now, but still completely out in the county and it could take 1 to 3 weeks for it to be restored. There is a feeding station set up at Fulton County High School, and warming shelters set up at Cayce Baptist Church, West Hickman Baptist Church, 2nd Baptist Church, Union City, TN, First Baptist Church in Fulton and South Fulton Baptist Church in South Fulton, TN. The Hickman Police and Cayce Baptist Church are providing bottled water. Check the above website for information from other counties.

Cover It Live from KFVS 12
"Cover It Live" does a great job at continuously giving out the latest information and allowing viewers to interact with the newsroom and other viewers in affected areas. KFVS's deals mostly with SE MIssouri. Hopefully, some of the Western Kentucky media can install it on their sites as it really does a great job.

Cover It Live from the Louisville Courier Journal
Posting live continuously with updates, more so from Central and Northern KY but some information about Western Kentucky too. It utilizes Twitter, which is great for these kinds of things.

I'll be posting information as much as I can with limited service here, and on my facebook and twitter sites.

Now I'll go start chopping wood!

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