Monday, May 31, 2010

On Memorial Day

On Veterans Day & Memorial Day, I always think about the sacrifice of our men and women in the service. I also think about my dad, who served state-side, and knocked a general over while rounding a corner. "What's the matter with you soldier! Are you BLIND?" "Yes sir, in this eye, I am"

My dad was shortly discharged. My dad lost an eye years earlier in an auto accident, and after being drafted twice earlier and discarded, on the third time, they took him anyway. One of his duties was guarding Eisenhower, as he played golf. Not the most intriguing or dangerous duty, but even though my dad had only one eye, he did everything he could for his country and everything his country asked. He may not be an official war hero, but he's still a hero to me.

How many people who are blind in one eye would gladly go today? I can count so many politicians today who used much less of an excuse, to dodge service in any way, shape or form.