Sunday, September 19, 2010

Typical Weekend!

Like a lot of other people these days, I work 2 jobs, or is it three? Typical weekend!

4:30 AM- up to work on forecast for News Talk Radio
7:45 AM- at work for on-air hits

8 AM-5PM-marketing consultations
6 PM- load into club for show
9 PM- 1 AM (Saturday)-Play the blues!

1-2AM-load out
3:15 AM- stop at Wal Mart for Dog food
3:30 AM- home!

5AM- After working & being up for over 24 hours.... SLEEP!!!
10AM- Up to work on guitars to repair the damage I did the night before
11AM-3 PM- watch football!
3:30PM-6PM- drive to festival for show

6:30 PM- load in
7-10:20 PM- Play the Blues! Meet & greet!
10:45-1AM (Sunday)-drive home!

2 AM- Sleep! Got home early tonight!
*Then recuperate and get ready to do it again!

Ahhh showbiz! Funny thing is, I'm not that tired! I must love it!