Monday, September 5, 2016

Chart Update, Schedule Alert, Etc Etc

Our CD Rain hit it's 3rd week on the chart, all three inside the top 20 of the Roots Music Reports Contemporary Blues Chart which blows my mind!  Thanks so much to the DJs, Programmers and Presenters who are choosing our CD to play.  I'm also still blown away by just how MANY songs off the CD they are choosing....  ALL 10 songs have been played by stations.  I hope that means that's a testament to how strong and consistent all 10 songs on the CD are.

Schedule: It's been a weird year.  I've NEVER had as many shows cancel as I have this year.  We're up to 5 or 6!  This time, it's the Cairo Blues and Heritage Festival.  I thought we had agreed to perform Friday night, like last year, with us opening for Chris Canas (last year, we were flip flopped), but instead the other day, I found out we were scheduled for Saturday afternoon instead, which conflicted with a show we had agreed to in Trenton, TN.  I could not back out of the Tennessee show, because my parents were looking forward to coming and they don't get many opportunities to see me play.  I think this is the first one in several years. At any rate, I apologize to the promoters in Cairo for making the mistake, and apologize to the fans too. Maybe it's time for a booking agent.

Gear:  Sunday night in Rockport, IN, I used my Eric Clapton Signature Strat for the first time live.  I played it for the solo on "Who's Texting You" on the CD but never played it live until Sunday night.  I really liked it, and may start using it more  It's different than my other strats because of the 25db boost control but I kinda like the extra control.

Bless you!