Thursday, January 31, 2008

Short Thoughts

If you're an American Idol fan like me, you really should check out Vote For The Worst . There's a lot of humor, but also a lot of insight into how the producers are trying to steer the show this year. They don't want another goof like Sanjaya slipping through and almost winning, but Vote For The Worst sure does! They're also not above repeating rumors!

Last night it was followed by the lie detector game show, The Moment of Truth, which is a great concept, but poorly produced. It moves SO SLOW. They try to build tension with the shots before the answers, waiting for the True or False reading, etc and it drags the show down to the boring level. FYI, the lie detector tests are given prior to the filming of the show, so the sequences on the actual show are not the answers which are actually judged true or false.

We've had terrible weather the past few days ranging from storms to snow and ice. I still do my own forecasting and do pretty well, however I'm just like you in that I get frustrated when I flip over to The Weather Channel and I see "Storm Stories" instead of THE WEATHER! Cantore's a hoot though! By far my favorite at the Weather Channel.
I heard from Tara at the Lourdes Foundation today. They've gotten a great response for the Annual Mardi Gras Celebration, set for Fat Tuesday, February 5th from 6-9 PM. It's their biggest fundraiser. This year they were a little worried about the response because they moved it across the Ohio River to Metropolis. No problem! The Harrah's Grand Ballroom is fantastic, and the ticket sales are great! My band is honored to play for the event! There's still time to get tickets: Call (270) 444-2353 for tickets or for more information. It's a VERY worthy cause, and I'm proud to help em out!

I'm getting ready for the Super Bowl! So far on the menu: Little Smokies, My Hot Wings, and my homemade pizza, including my homemade crust! After that, my diet needs to kick in, in a big way! As for the game, I think the Patriots will probably win, however I'm really pulling for the Giants for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, my friendship with Giants GM Jerry Reese, and secondly, because the Miami Dolphins were my favorite team growing up. I followed them way before the undefeated season. The 17-0 season was magical for me and I hate to see it equaled. Their undefeated season can never be beaten, only tied, whether it's 17-0 or 19-0. Perfection is perfection. In the meantime, GO GIANTS!

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Cantore is awesome and that is a cool picture of you guys!