Monday, April 28, 2008

It's May Sweeps, and What I Found Out May Surprise You!

It's May sweeps in the TV Biz. One of the most important books in that these ratings are the ones which local TV sales peoples will be "selling" to advertisers for the most part until almost Christmas. I was reading Medialine the other day, and a poster was lamenting about the over used phrases she had already heard on countless promos and news stories. Just so you'll know, there are a lot of "TV Types" who think "TV Hype" is sometimes over the top. Let's count down some of the consultant-inspired, worst offenders heard across the country (not just locally), and urge our local stations (networks too) to at least come up with more original "catch phrases."

1. "Keeping your family safe."
2. "What you need to know"
3. "Danger lurking where you least expect it"
4. "What we found out may surprise you"
5. "What you don't know, could KILL you"
7. "Breaking" (news, weather sports, etc)
8. "This just in to our newsroom"
9. "Here's what we know"
10. "Alert" (traffic, weather, flood, Amber, etc)
11. Live, Local, Late Breaking
12. "....Take a Look"

Nothing wrong with "catch phrases," let's just not be so lazy. Let's change 'em up a bit, so we don't get lumped in with stations in Boston, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, San Diego, Los Angeles, etc. How would I do this???

1. "To keep you from screwing up."
2. "What you better do to keep your spouse from yelling at you."
3. "Bet you didn't think THIS could hurt, but..."
4. " Stay tuned, or you could DIE"
5. "We're the ONLY ones who know this"
6. "We just heard at the beauty shop..."
7. "This is going on RIGHT NOW, Y'all!"
8. "Watch THIS, MAN!"
9. "You ain't gonna believe this"
10. "Didn't we tell ya...."
11. "Things that really, really HURT."
12. "Look at (his/her) mug shot "

13. "Here's what we know, although it ain't much right now..." my "catch phrases" are a little regionalized, but then again, I was always taught to write how people really talk!

Maybe I'm a little rough. Maybe I'm a little redneck. Maybe I'm a little bit ahead of my time.


Leo said...

lol, sweeps months SLAY me! God bless Miley Cyrus for providing a Disney scandal and a topic for local tv stations all across the US(I can see it now, how far is too much for your teen)...blah blah.

Lew Jetton said...

I'm guessing we'll see more "what you need to know about the photos your kid puts on Myspace" stories.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

I've always thought we should be able to "super" people as we see them. Ie.."dumb a$$ with no teeth"..or "lying government official".

Lew Jetton said...

The only problem with that is they would super ME that way too!!! & probably worse!