Saturday, May 17, 2008

Good BBQ-Bad Country

This is the weekend for the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, and not much could be closer to my native West Tennessee heart than good BBQ! Seems I can never drive through Memphis without sampling the best in the world at so many places. Which is the best? Well it depends on what you're in the mood for, and it can differ a little day to day. What a delicious dilemma. I haven't tried all the places listed in the article, but I really do like Interstate BBQ, even though I wish their sauce was a little hotter. I have many more places to try before I'm finished. Most of the tourist have heard of Rendezvous, and it is good, but if you settle for just Rendezvous, you're missing out.

This weekend also brings us the Country Music Awards. While I play Blues, I really like Country music, too, or at least what WAS Country music. I think Tom Petty nailed it when he said Country music today is simply bad rock n roll with fiddles. One of this year's big name nominees is Taylor Swift. She's a beautiful, young, teenage girl. I saw her perform on the CBS Early show Saturday morning. She tossed her hair and strutted about the stage while screaming the words to her "song," surrounded by a writhing fiddler and banjo player. Pretty sad. Pretty bad. No wonder the best Country album of the last two years was made by Loretta Lynn. For most of the current crop of Country stars, the real art and emotion has been pushed aside in favor of image as they aim for more of a Pop-oriented product. Sales are sliding downward. How long before a current Country star gets caught lip-syncing in concert? How many will care? There's a direct correlation between the decline of mainstream Country music, and the rise of Americana and Alt-Country.

One Liners:

Hosted the Twin Cities Chamber of Commerce Banquet Saturday night and was proud to hear and meet Major General Tom Lynn and the county's oldest living veteran on this Armed Forces Day.

Big Brown looks promising, but others have stumbled at Belmont.

Bill Belichick's still a great coach, but he's losing more and more credibility.

Heard guitarist Duane Dennison, formerly of Jesus Lizard replaced David Lee in the Legendary Shack Shackers.

It's going to be a tough year for PATS coming up.

I can't quit listening to The Black Keys "Chulahoma."

Ready to play some golf, very badly, of course!

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Leonard Riggs Jr said...

love good bbq!!! I agree with the decline of country music. I blame the purchase of CMT by the MTV networks(the saviour of the music business of the 80's is just as responsible for it's decline now). It's all about image and sleekness and appealing to a certain demographic. It has nothing to do with good music(Taylor Swift is the perfect example) There for awhile it was put a nice looking man in a cowboy hat and have him sing dopey love songs, now it's about female empowerment. It's all about selling records to teenage girls and young women. Sad, sad sad.