Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend Short Takes

Once again, there is no Triple Crown winner this year, as Big Brown ran out of gas on the last turn, and had nothing left down the stretch. It's now been 31 years since we've had a Triple Crown winner. I wonder if the breeding of thoroughbreds has become so highly specialized, even for specific distances, that no horse has the genes to win at all three of the distances involved in the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes. Of course, there's also the theory about Big Brown going off steroids in the past few weeks, because "he doesn't need them." I don't believe the hoof crack had anything to do with the loss. Several horses have won the Belmont with worse cracks.

I've watched a little of the NBA Championship series. I still find it ridiculous that basketball is still being played in June, although not as ridiculous as hockey still being played in June. Let's hold off on the comparisons between this Celtics-Lakers series and those with Magic and Bird. The uniforms haven't changed, but the personalities are MUCH different.

The Celebrity U.S. Open challenge was great, in my opinion. For years, the top pro golfers have claimed that no single digit amateur golfer could break 100 in a U.S. Open setting. Golf Digest set up the foursome of Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo, singer Justin Timberlake, NBC Today host Matt Lauer, and Oklahoman John Atkinson, who won an essay contest to participate. All things considered, Romo was great, carding an 84 at Torry Pines, the site of next week's U.S. Open. I'll bet there are some pros next week who are close to or score higher than that on a round (one they'll be sure to want to forget). Also, for the record, singer Justin Timberlake did indeed break 100, scoring a 98. Lauer shot an even 100, and Atkinson, whose story and fight against cancer is inspiring, shot 114. The conclusion is that, yep, the U.S. Open conditions are very difficult, but breaking 100 CAN be done by a very good amateur.

Speaking of Romo, I noticed singer Jessica Simpson has announced that she's decided to go Country. Bad news for those of us who hoped she'd decide to go....away.

Shot an 81 over the weekend....maybe my golf game is turning around for the summer??? Played guitar at the Mayfield Summer Music Festival Series, and had lot's of fans and lot's of fun!

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