Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fancy Farm Picnic

We played at the 128th Annual Fancy Farm Picnic at Fancy Farm, Kentucky. We've played this wonderful fundraiser for St. Jerome Parish before, where they're famous for their BBQ and for their traditional "political speaking." It's old fashioned politics at it's best, as candidates take the "stump" (stage) to speak to voters under a hot August sun. Many nationwide political figures in the past have made their way to this quiet little community to take part in the tradition, including Al Gore, as thousands gather for the food and the "speaking."

(Photos by Wm Gross Magee)
We provide the music, and have a wonderful time doing so, as the folks are simply the best! I must admit though, for all the years we've played it, I've NEVER had the BBQ, as when we played on Friday night, it was still cooking, and when we arrived in Saturday to play, it was already sold out! This year, I decided to eat before I went, so of course, when I arrived, they still had a little BBQ! My loss. Everyone said it was fantastic as they slow cook it the old fashioned way and numerous pits.....tons of it. When we've played on Friday night the Knights of Columbus have a huge fish fry, and I HAVE had that. It's wonderful too!

(Photos by Wm Gross Magee)

It was HOT.....with heat indices more than 100, but everyone took the heat in stride. The Fancy Farm High School Class of 1978 held their reunion, so we played some 70s music, just for them and it was fun all the way around. Our buddy, Charlie did sound and he always does a great job! I played the 335 through the Twin and got a good tone. I've had voice issues the past month or so, but with the hot weather had some of the Fancy Farm Lemonade this night. I think it helped. It was great to see Bill and Shirley there from South Fulton, TN. They're coming up on their 55th wedding anniversary and try to make almost all our shows, which truly humbles us. We always try to play what they want and do our best.

Next year.....I pledge to hold off, in hopes of nabbing some of that BBQ!

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