Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Still Watch American Idol

I still watch American Idol, although I'm terribly busy, what with the quilt show week coming up and all. Here are my favorites and handicap thoughts following "Movie Night":

I love Lil Rounds voice, but she does need to do a better job of making songs "her own." She really needs Melinda Doolittle's "song advisors." She has so much promise, but sadly has gotten worse as the show has gone on. If ever someone needs to get her groove on, it's Lil Rounds, because she has the chops.

Danny is a great singer with a great back story. I'd like to see him do well! I think he has a great voice and does great interpretations! He didn't do great tonight, but everyone stunk it up tonight. He was lukewarm in a sea of ice water.

Adam is very dramatic, flamboyant, creative and yes, very gay. Could he be the first flamboyantly gay winner? It will depend on the teenage girls. Will they buy in? Can they "cross over" enough to "the other side?" Cher thinks so! "Ground control to Major Tom?" I'm not so sure, even with his "raging" reviews from the judges.

Matt, the Justin Timberlake clone of the competition is not bad, but is he carving out his own niche? He wants so bad to be a rocker, but his stripes, which he cannot change, are so 'N Sync.

I like Allison, but hate teenagers who have already made more money than I will in my lifetime. Is that so wrong? What a dilemma!

Chris is not bad! I hope he doesn't get voted off. Anoop is terrible. Please, "no mas!" He needs to go.

I must say, "Movie Night" was a tremendous disappointment. I mean, TWO Bryan Adams songs? Even Bridget said, "This makes me want to listen to Metallica." I'll never forget my interview with Peter Fonda, one of the favorites I ever did, when he said how honored he was when he saw where Quentin Tarantino said "Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry" was his all time favorite movie. How sad Quentin must be, that his night, "Movie Night" was such a dud. Even "Vote For The Worst" seems torn. It is a much more clear cut case that David Alan Grier should not have been voted off "Dancing with the Stars" in favor of cocaine aficionado albeit Hall of Famer, Lawrence Taylor. If there was a way, they ALL should be voted off tonight. I'm still waiting for "Blues Night," "Rockabilly Night," "Jazz Night" or even "Sinatra Night."

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