Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New CD Kickin Butt So Far!

Welcome to my music blog. Obviously I'm starting this one from almost scratch. I actually had a blog on my old website, but decided to start anew, as I had to dump the old website for various reasons. I do promise to update this blog more often!

So far I am just overwhelmed by the response we've had to our New CD, Rain. It has already been picked up by dozens of radio stations in the US and around the world. Another aspect is that the radio stations, for the most part,  are playing a number of different songs, instead of just one. Hopefully that means that almost all of the songs on the CD are really good and appealing to a large number of listeners!

 The greatest part is the CD has only been out for three days! Right now I'm scheduled to be interviewed next week by, which is a really cool site dedicated to the top indie artists across the nation and around the world! I will post details soon.

 Early reviews have been awesome! Here are a few:

Michael's Music Blog, Los Angeles

Nashville Blues Society

Midwest Record

Roots n Blues Corner

 If you would like to get your own copy of Rain, you can do it at several places. It's available on, iTunes, Amazon, and through my own website at

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