Monday, September 15, 2008

We Don't Like Ike!

Hurricane Ike wasn't too kind to the Texas Gulf Coast and the remnants weren't too nice to us! I don't have an accurate measure of the wind gusts at my house, but there were high enough to bring down a number of big limbs and kill our power for most of the day and night. Was it a Tropical Storm when moved through the area? Not officially, but the gusts were something else!

Here's what the National Weather Service reported:

The following are some of the highest measured wind gusts (unofficial) reported to the NWS office:

  • 81 mph at Kentucky Dam (Army Corps of Engineers, unconfirmed)
  • 78 mph at Grand Rivers, KY (barge loading facility on KY Lake)
  • 75 mph at Calvert City, KY (off-duty NWS employee)
  • 73 mph at Owensboro (emergency management)
  • 67 mph at Cairo, IL (emergency management)
  • 67 mph at Madisonville, KY (emergency management office)
  • 66 mph at Poplar Bluff, MO (airport ASOS)
  • 66 mph about 6 mi. southwest of Greenville, KY (handheld anemometer)
  • 64 mph at Evansville, IN (airport ASOS)
  • 64 mph in northwest corner of Christian Co., KY (handheld anemometer)
At my house

I'm thankful that our home suffered no damage, although I banged my already broken toe while trying to clean up limbs. OUCH! I also lost a Sunday's worth of NFL Sunday Ticket on TV and a chance to grab Darrin Sproles of the San Diego Chargers for my NFL Fantasy team. I would have too! But that pales in comparison to what others lost and for that I am thankful, while offering my prayers to them and their families.

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