Friday, December 19, 2008

15 Things They Don't Want You To Know

OK....the "15 Things" & "Don't Want You To Know" are marketing ploys, but here's what I have learned from my travels across the nation in the past year.....

1. If not for us at PATS and others in rural transits, many senior citizens would never leave an 8x10 room. One of the drivers we trained in recent months recently carried a man to a store, who had not left his home in 2 and a half years.

2. On the road, at many convenience stores, a 20 ounce soda is $1.89 while a TWO LITER soda is $1.79. Why don't consumer reporters do a story on THIS? Have they all been laid off?

3. There are stores which sell miniature roses in crack pipes and electronic scales ("for tobacco use only" ...yeah), but if someone buys them, they could be arrested immediately upon leaving the store for possessing drug paraphernalia. Why doesn't law enforcement stop the stores from selling these things in the first place? Aren't they selling drug paraphernalia?

4. Deer are really stupid animals. If you take one with a bow, a black powder rifle, a .270 rifle, a Dodge Ram or a Ford F-350, is there a big difference? Why do deer want to die so badly? It's a tragedy they don't taste more like Black Angus.

5. I already knew drinking and driving do not mix, but when I saw the tears well up and heard," my father died while driving drunk," "My brother was killed by a drunk driver," etc. Just don't do it.

6. We cannot preach about defensive driving enough. We trained one driver who told us about the child who ran out out in the road, and who he struck and killed in 1963. "There's not a day that has passed since that I have not thought about that kid and seen his face, and there never will be." Slow down. Watch out. It's worth it.

7. Put in for wake up calls, but don't trust 'em.

8. There's nothing more depressing than being on the road, nearing the holidays, hearing Christmas Carols on the radio, and being alone, away from your family.

9. There's nothing more rewarding than seeing that "light bulb" go off in a driver's head, and knowing that tip you gave him/her, might save someone's life or prevent an injury.

10. Some of the BEST places to eat are the Mom and Pop "Meat and Threes!"

11. Some of the WORST places to eat are the Mom and Pop "Meat and Threes!"

12. There are more people than you think who cannot read, write, add or subtract. That doesn't mean they're not good people.

13. Waitresses can make your food taste a lot better, or a lot worse, depending on their smile.

14. EVERYBODY knows where the BEST BBQ is!

15. EVERYBODY knows "what is wrong" with the Kentucky Wildcats.

Merry Christmas Y'all. Let's love each other and try to get along.....even if we're family!


Leonard Riggs Jr said...

lol, hey at my store the 20 ozs ARE cheaper than the 2 liters...

hulagirlatheart said...

"It's a tragedy they don't taste more like Black Angus."-Ha! So true.

Isn't it funny how warm a Christmas song can make you feel and how sad and lonely it can make you feel? The holidays can bring such conflicting emotions.