Friday, January 9, 2009

No Football Friday Viewing

With no football Friday night, the wife and I found a couple of things to watch. Animal Planet had a Planet Earth Marathon. It truly is a stunningly photographed documentary and in HD is even more incredible. Highly recommended! We already have the DVD set but it's always fascinating to see this BBC production again. One thing that struck me though is that on our DVD set, the narrator is a British man, but on Animal Planet, it's an American woman.

After that I watched "Seven Signs" the independent film directed by Paducah's own Col J.D. Wilkes of Th' Legendary Shack Shakers. The film focuses on J.D's travels through the South, in search of the last remnants of the "real" South in the face of modernization and includes some great roots music, local legends and bizarre characters. I really enjoyed it. Of course there is a 61 South connection or 2! Some might recognize the blacksmith in the film, Fast Layne Hendrickson, who was the founder of 61 South and it's original singer, and of course, J.D. was also an original member of 61 South and still plays with us when he can. The film has been screened by film societies and at film festivals across the nation, but curiously, to my knowledge, has never been shown in Paducah.

After that, wife takes over control of the remote to watch her favorite shows: Food Network, Soap Network, Law & Order (bomp bomp) which is always showing on 2 or 3 channels simultaneously 24 hours a day, Dexter, 24 or Nip Tuck. Of course, next week, it's MY turn with the return of American Idol. I guess I enjoy this show because of the drama. I know it's not for the singing.

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