Monday, February 2, 2009

Heading into Day 8

It's been hard to get any information about our electric situation in Fulton County, but I did find this today, courtesy of West Kentucky Star.

"Hickman-Fulton County RECC has all its substations energized. They are checking all the Phase 3 main lines today. They have 500 customers with power, another 3,875 without power. They're hoping to get 300 more on line today. They also have 225 out-of-state workers in town to help. A shelter has been set up at Fulton County High School where they are serving 3 hot meals a day."

This is good news. Maybe they can soon began working their way out from the substations and getting more of us turned back on.


C.S. said...

Hang in there. As a Floridian (and former Kentuckian) used to going without power after hurricanes, I know what an ordeal it is. Only I would imagine it to be worse in winter than in summer. Good luck.

Lew Jetton said...

Thanks! I don't know about summer, but going through this in sub-freezing temps STINKS, believe me! Hunkerdown! Linemen from the Gulf area who are helping here said the damage to the power grid here was worse than they had seen with Hurricane Katrina.