Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Was Supposed To Go

I was supposed to go to Nashville today to sit with dad, Bob, at the hospital, but my little sister, Dr. Amy Jetton, decided to sit with him another night. He's making some progress and we hope to have him home within 2 weeks. After so many weeks in ICU though, it's tough to get reoriented to night and day, sleep and awake, while trying to recover from the complications of his heart surgery a month and a half ago. He is making progress though and looking and sounding better every day. We pray it continues. I did get him walking with a walker Thursday and he got a much appreciated shower and shave. I think the biggest boost for him was yesterday, when my mom took one of his beloved "puppy-dogs" to visit. Funny how our animals can help us so much, without doing anything except loving us.

I was supposed to go the UT Martin game Saturday night and watch them clinch their first ever OVC regular season championship. It was a great moment for the Skyhawks! However, heavy snow throughout the area last night nixed those plans. Hopefully, I can go to their first round tournament game Tuesday night. At least, I'm supposed to go.

We wound up with between 4 an 5 inches at my house. I used to hate snow, but now MUCH prefer it to freezing rain and ice storms! It was actually very pretty and while road conditions on Saturday night were terrible, it quickly melted Sunday and was no problem.

I was supposed to go through Trimble, TN the other week on the way to Dyersburg, but I'm glad I didn't go. Turns out there was a killer-turkey on the loose! He might have heard about how much I love cooking turkeys on my smoker. In that case, I would have been a goner.

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hulagirlatheart said...

I'm so glad to hear your dad's doing better. With any luck he'll be swinging the clubs with you this summer.